What's your default setting?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Consider what your default setting you wake up happy? Ready to take on the day ahead? Or do you wake up and wish you could put a pillow over your head and stay right where you are? Do you wake up grumpy?

Your default setting is the stance you adopt and will have become your 'norm', probably without you even noticing.

It is crucial to pay attention to your own default setting because it is directly linked to your productivity and output.

If you, by default, start your day off on a negative then your output won't be your best.

One tip here is to pay attention to your facial expressions. SMILE!

Now I'm not being unrealistic here and suggesting that we can deal with serious situations by walking around with an inappropriately happy face! But, what I am suggesting is that when the majority of our days aren't overly tough or traumatising then we do have a choice as to whether we want to feel good or default to a more mundane position.

So pay some attention to this and think about what your default setting currently is. If your answer isn't 'happy', 'determined', 'motivated' or something along those lines then you're probably not performing to the best of your potential.

As I said, one easy thing here to start making changes to this default setting.....SMILE!

If you research the neuroscience behind facial expressions and mood you will find that they are intrinsically linked and researchers have found that if we maintain a positive facial expression during stressful events, then we feel better while we deal with it and also maintain a slower heart rate.

Considering that facial expression can help us deal with stress better then surely it can help in non stressful times too. Researchers report that smiling or frowning can make a difference to your mood and produce a positive or negative frame of mind.

You can directly influence your mood or how you feel by forming the appropriate facial expressions. Smiling evokes happiness and gives us a rush of feel good. The opposite is true too and adopting a sad face triggers negative feelings and thoughts.

Plus, smiling makes others feel good too!

So take a look at your default setting and work out if your grumpy morning face is actually affecting the rest of your day.....

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