Your peception sells

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

A clients perception of you, is so important - you are the number #1 selling tool for your business. If you look successful then clients will perceive you as the trainer in the know and the one to go to.

Vice versa...if you look scruffy, you drive a banger of a do you think the client perceives you?

Would you go to a mortgage broker that wasn't wearing a suit?

Would you go to a videographer that had a badly designed website?

Would you go to a Bridal shop - where the signage outside was poor, litter in front of the shop etc.

YET - that doesn't mean these people are not VERY skilled at what they do, however your first impression (The one that counts) is making you look the other way.

So would you buy from these people?

The answer would be no...

Step into your customers shoes, would they buy from you?

What changes can you make to your personal belongings, clothing, the make you stand out from the crowd.

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